Kepd 350
Kepd 350


Kepd 350 Missile

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1 Model
1.1 Type
Short-range air-to-air missile
1.2 Place of origin
Not Available
1.2.1 Used by
China, Luftwaffe, also
1.3 Wars
Cold War
1.4 Model Details
1.4.1 Designed
Not Available
1.4.2 Designer
Not Available
1.4.3 Manufacturer
Taurus Systems GmbH
1.4.4 Variants
1.5 Status
Not Available
2 Design
2.1 Payload
Not Available
2.2 Weight
Ugm 133 Trident..
Rank: 100 (Overall)
M80 Zolja
2.3 Size
2.3.1 Length
Agni VI Differe..
Rank: 100 (Overall)
2.3.2 Diameter
Ss N 3 Shaddock
1.08 m
Rank: 100 (Overall)
2.3.3 Wingspan
Editing HN 5
0.61 metres
Rank: 41 (Overall)
Rur 5 Asroc
2.4 Blast Yield
Not Available
2.5 Warhead
481 kg, Mephisto ( M ulti- E ffect P enetrator, HI gh S ophisticated and T arget O ptimised)
2.5.1 War Head Weight
Sm 65 Atlas
Rank: 29 (Overall)
Fim 43 Redeye
2.6 Detonation Mechanism
Not Available
2.7 Steering System
Not Available
2.8 Transport
Not Available
3 Performance
3.1 Engine
3.2 Propulsion
Not Available
3.2.1 Propellant
Not Available
3.3 Speed
S 125 Neva Pech..
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Ugm 27 Polaris
3.4 Guidance System
beam riding
3.5 Flight Ceiling
Not Available
3.5.1 Flight altitude
30–40 m
3.6 Accuracy
Not Available
3.7 Range
Df 5
500.00 kilometres
Rank: 81 (Overall)
Hgm 25A Titan I
3.8 Launch Platform
MiG-17, MiG-19, MiG-21, Su-9
3.8.1 Basing
IBN (Image Based Navigation) , INS ( Inertial navigation system ), TRN (Terrain Referenced Navigation) and MIL-GPS ( Global Positioning System )

Kepd 350 Class

Missiles are generally used to attack a long distant target, located n surface or air. Few special missiles, called torpedoes are used by naval forces to destroy the underwater submarines. On the basis of the guidance system missiles are classified into two categories, viz, Ballistic missiles and Guided missiles. Ballistic missiles are high altitudes projectiles that are launched with preset target location. The path or target cannot be altered after its launch. Guided Missiles, on other hand, have certain guidance system using which they can be navigated even during their flight. Knowing the Kepd 350 class is very crucial. Kepd 350 is a prominent missile of Short-range air-to-air missile class. The defense system of any nation is incomplete without significant reserves of diverse missiles. Information of Kepd 350 missile its targets, propulsion and guidance methods. Kepd 350 is a prominent model among world's powerful Air to Surface Missiles. It uses beam riding technology for guidance. It is launched using a MiG-17, MiG-19, MiG-21, Su-9.

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