Yj 91
Yj 91


Yj 91 Performance

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1 Performance
1.1 Engine
1.2 Propulsion
1.2.1 Propellant
liquid fuel
1.3 Speed
S 125 Neva Pech..
Not Available
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Ugm 27 Polaris Performance
1.4 Guidance System
1.5 Flight Ceiling
Not Available
1.5.1 Flight altitude
Not Available
1.6 Accuracy
Not Available
1.7 Range
Df 5 Performance
0.00 kilometres
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Hgm 25A Titan I Performance
1.8 Launch Platform
Air & (possible) submerged
1.8.1 Basing
Not Available

Yj 91 Range

The performance of Yj 91 during flight is majorly governed by the nature of propellant used and its physical parameters. Factors that affect the missile performance are its weight during launch, steering system, propellant used to provide thrust as well as the fabrication material. Generally, engines used for propulsion of missiles are rocket & jet engines. Since missiles need to deploy multiple engine stages, they use rocket engines for launching. Once the missile overcomes pull of gravity, jet engine is used for further flight. Engine used in Yj 91 is ramjet. During the missile launch, the propellant provides the power needed to impart thrust. Either solid type of fuel or liquid propellant (for larger missiles) is used to run the rocket engine. propulsion type propulsion is used during the launch of this missile. The propellant used is liquid fuel. Class of this model is determined by Yj 91 range. This model can cover the targets within the radius of 0.00 kilometres.

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